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Derych VI was a very ambitious ruler, and his constant attempts to become a greater player in Europe became apparent when he declared himself "Emperor of the Autismoi Khaganate." This was met with opposition by Maxedon and many religious extremists in Idabistan, starting the prelude to the Idabistani Wars of Religion. A large schism was started between Autismoi nations, who contested Derych VI's claim to Emperorship.

Derych VI secretly formed an order of those loyal to him and trained them in Bas-Rocou. This order of knights all traced their lineage back to Napoleon Sebastos in one way or another, and favored the Napoleonis dynasty. These men gathered their household knights and prepared in Nikolontinople a fleet. This order was named the Napoleonic Order. The Napoleonic Order sailed to Maxedon and invaded Thrace. The men landing took advantage of the Haruhiistic rebellion in eastern Maxedon, and were able to acquire huge swathes of land before any resistance arrived. Maxedon was split between its Greek holdings and thus could not effectively contest Derych VI's claim to emperorship. The Napoleonics attempted invading Greece but were decisively defeated and never made territorial gains again.Derych VI, with no one to contest his claim to Emperorship, officially made his title "Emperor of the Autismoi Khaganate." and granted the title of King to his son, Derych VII.

The schism ended when Derych VI died in 640 AS and his son inherited the title of Emperor. This made Derych VII both the Emperor and King of Idabistan. In his first years of rule, he declared the positions separate and made the title of Emperor symbolic and renounced all claims on the other Autismoi nations. This placated much of Maxedon, but religious fanatics were still opposing the title itself.

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