Sebastianism is a belief that our world was creation by Sebastian and that he is our lord and savior. The Sebastianist Faith is an ancient religion spread by Sesmonkis on his early voyages. Sebastianism until May of '18, it was fully accepted by the Autismoi. Sebastianism stands strong, though with internal conflicts. However as of 5/26/17 AS all of the Autismoi have re-adopted Sebastianism.


Early LifeEdit

   Sebastian was born into a Shelter in Sebastiania aprox. 1 A.S (2004 AD) His early life until 13 A.S is unknown with little documentation of Sebastian.

DSC 1005

Sebastian in the New Hampshire County, Sebastiania (13 A.S)

Mid-Adoption LifeEdit

   Sebastian was adopted by Sesmonkis on June 10th of 2016. Sebastian was praised by many of Sesmonkis compatriots spreading throughout the County of Massachussetts. Sesmonkis contiunes his voyages until he met Iskender. (13 A.S) Iskender became a firm believer of our lord and savior quickly. Iskender spread the belief to the Autismoi, establishing the Sebastianist Faith.

Late LifeEdit

   Sebastian ascended Febuary 2nd. 13 A.S Many mourned for Sebastian, Sesmonkis sent into a temporary depression. Sebastianism, though in these tough times stood strong. Though this lead to the Prophet, Lucky.


Sebastianists celebrate Sebastian's day of accession a 7 day period. (February 2nd-February 9th) Where Sebastianists share Sebastianist related content in order to appease him.

Sebastianism and Followers Edit

Sebastianism has stayed relatively close to worship of Sebastian, though has had internal conflict and even war. The Hus af Sebastos had a conflict between Napoleon Bayan, Zhengis Bayan and, Sesmonkis Jonon, which lead to a result in Sesmonkis's and Zhengis's favor. Once in (15 A.D) Mekkist General warred the Lucianic Party, the Sebastianist Party joined in. The Mekkist and Sebastianist Coalition battled the Lucianics at the Battle of Vietcong, a decisive victory for them. Though now Sebastianism has stayed peaceful, with occasional internal conflict.

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